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See the Board and better yet, join us at a meeting!!

The following is the makeup of the Keller Peak Repeater Association. We are proud to afford you the opportunity to use this Web Site as well as the repeater.

~~ Our President ~~

Dennis, KE6RYZ
Dennis Hughes (KE6RYZ) lives in Corona, California and became a KPRA Board Member in 2002.

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~~ Vice President ~~

Mike, KG6WSL
Mike Ward (KG6WSL)

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~~ Secretary ~~

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This position is currently OPEN.


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~~ The Technical Team ~~


Dennis, KE6RYZ
Dennis Hughes (KE6RYZ), Corona


Ian Venable (K6IAN), Victorville


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~~ The Trustee ~~

Dennis Hughes (KE6RYZ) Corona, Ca.


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Ron Brailey (KE6RYX)


Kelly Perry (KI6IQA)

During the snow season Kelly doubles as Chief Transportation Officer. Kelly is responsible for and plays an important role in the upkeep and maintenance of the Vault and Tower.