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The Keller Peak Repeater Association supports and encourages "Net" activities on our Repeater. Currently, there are five nets conducted either on a daily or weekly basis: The RedEye, Satern, Rescue, NTS and the Hospital Net. We would like to find two Commited Net Controllers to host the Trivia Net and Swap Net.

Because of the 8000+ foot elevation and geographical location of the repeater, nets conducted are heard virtually throughout the entire Southern California basin.

If you know of an active net on the Keller Peak repeater and want it listed, contact the webmaster.

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RedEye Net

10:00 p.m. Mostly every night

Anne Wright (N6BOP) of Pomona, CA., is "Net Control" for the Red Eye. Anne's voice is well known to the amateur community not only here in Southern Ca. but also to others that drive through at late hours. She is the icon for the Red Eye and has kept many insomniacs and drivers company during the wee hours of the night. Tune in and Check-In with Anne!!

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The Hospital Net

Hospital Net graphic

7:00 p.m. 1st Monday of every Month (except holidays)

We would encourage you to listen and check in to the Hospital Net hosted by Ron Braley (KE6RYX). This Net is intended for all of the regional Hospitals to test their amateur Radio systems that are installed at the various Hospitals in the area. Their net usually lasts for about an hour. So be sure to join Ron and the group.

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Judy's Net

7:45 a.m. Every Morning

Judy Dean (NB6J) of Sage, Ca. is "Net Control" for the Morning Net. So Check-In with Judy and the other hams fo the morning net.


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San Bernardino County Fire, Emergency Communications Services Net

7:30 p.m. 1st Monday of every Month

This net is for the members of the Central Mountains Section of the San Bernardino County Fire, Office of Emergency Services to practice communications on the Keller Peak repeater once a month. The Net control operator is rotated among the ECS members each month. This net allows the members to test their amateur radios as well as the radios at four County Fire Stations, the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department and Mountains Community Hospital.  The net lasts about 30 minutes.

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National Traffic System Net

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9:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights

During disasters or other emergencies, radiograms are used to communicate information critical to saving lives or property, or to inquire about the health or welfare of a disaster victim. To get involved with NTS, find your local NTS affiliate on the air via the ARRL on-line Net Directory.

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8:00 p.m. Sunday nights

(Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Section. The SATERN net is held every Sunday at 8:00PM.

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The Outdoor Adventure Net

Outdoor Adventure USA graphic

7:30 p.m. Every Thursday

Every week there is a different topic and net control. This net covers all of the different aspects of being outdoors from cooking to the types of tires to use. Check it out!!!!

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Swap Net

7:00 p.m. Wednesday nights

The Swap Net is is held every Wednesday at 7:00PM. This is where you can advertise equipment for sale or trade, or where you can express your desire for equipment for cash or trade. A shack-load of equipment is usually discussed on this evening!

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Trivia Net

Trivia Net graphic

7:30 p.m. Every Friday Night

Gene(K6EMF) is the Net control for the Trivia Net. Gene Will be taking over for Fred who became a SK. So join in with Gene and test or hone in your knowledge. Most of all just have fun and be sure to ID.